Subscription to Clutter

I cannot agree enough with this article: Subscription Boxes of Junk: Enough Already

While we’re on the subject, I regard free samples with a wary eye as well.  I’m always looking for a way to get more for my money, so I buy most of my makeup and skin care products from Sephora.  The Beauty Insider loyalty program allows you to accrue points redeemable for specially curated products and gifts, and also gives you access to periodic sales.  20% off luxury beauty products is definitely worth waiting around for!

That’s in addition to the three free samples even the ordinary customer can request with every order.  Oh, yes.  More clutter.

I always remind myself: I don’t HAVE to take those free samples.  I’m not getting any better of a deal if I’m trying to find space in my bathroom for something I’ll never use.  And even when redeeming points, I wait until something pops up that I actually need or will use. 

For example, I recently cashed in a few points for a mini Marc Jacobs eyeliner pencil (no longer available): a perfect pick for me, because I didn’t have a pencil eyeliner, Marc Jacobs has a great product, and I use eyeliner infrequently enough that the small size is practical.  However, I feel no need to cash in for something like the Peter Thomas Roth product package currently being offered for 500 points.  I’m happy with my current skincare regime and prefer to use the same products consistently in order to keep my somewhat sensitive skin calm, so there's no reason for me to try out a whole set of completely new products.

For many women, the bathroom is an area of serious clutter.  There’s no need to add to it with subscription boxes and free samples!