Cutting to the Chase on Purging

I ame across this hilarious article recently: 5 Useless Products That Nobody Can Throw Out

(Word to the wise: there is some colorful language involved!)

While Cracked is usually a fountain of all things pop culture and shocking exposé, and not exactly one of my preferred sources for home decor and organization advice, I found myself laughing as I read.  And not because it's ridiculous, but because the whole thing is so right on!

Most of us hold on to some categories of stuff in a completely irrational way.  Not because we need it, use it, or love it, but because we worry about what getting rid of us says about us and our motivations.

I recently helped a client couple pare down their library to make room for a crafting area in their cozy two bedroom condo.  I outlined for them my usual rules for keeping books:

  1. You haven't read it yet, but definitely want to read it
  2. You've read it and will definitely re-read because you love it that much
  3. You've read it, loved it, love what it says about you and your worldview, and want to display it in your home as a representation of yourself

At first, they experience the typical guilt as outlined in the article - but I can't get rid of books!  I may read it one day!  It's a classic!  But once we got into the swing of things, they developed a clear instinct for what did and did not belong in their personal library.  Their current book collection is small, but tightly edited and speaks literal volumes about their interests, passions, and perspectives.

After reading the Cracked article, I bet you'll realize you're hanging on to more than you need or even want to!