Resources for an Organized Move Part 3

I firmly maintain that the best movers in San Francisco are Delancey Street Moving and Trucking.

The Delancey Street Foundation is a residential rehabilitation organization for ex-convicts, substance abusers, and the homeless. The moving service is one of the businesses they own and operate to train their residents. The program is over forty years old and has seen amazing rehabilitation results, and I encourage you to check out their website.

This background drew me in when I was looking for movers to help me transition into my first apartment ten years ago, and the experience could not have been better.   It was so positive, in fact, that I hired Delancey Street again when I moved to LA for graduate school – you can use them to move long distance between any of their locations.  In fact, out of four moves in my adult life, I’ve only used another moving company once, and that was because Delancey Street’s long distance trucks were completely booked when I wanted to move back to SF from LA.  I used a reputable company and suffice it to say, the comparison was eye opening.

Photo courtesy of Delancey Street Moving and Trucking

The bottom line is that the Delancey Street movers are respectful, careful, and they HUSTLE.  The prices are very fair for the high quality of service that you get.  And Delancey Street’s integrity cannot be beat: they tell you immediately if anything happens and do their best to make it right.  During our recent move, one of the guys accidentally dropped a box as he was carrying it out of our old house.  Immediately, he set it down and opened it in front of me to check the contents and confirm that nothing was damaged.  I’ve done every move by myself, without my husband present, and I’ve always felt completely comfortable with all the guys – this last time we were joking around about college football as they ran up and down the stairs!

There are a couple things you should know when you hire the Delancey Street movers.  First, they are busy for a reason, so you may have to try calling a couple of times to get through to a person (don’t bother leaving a voicemail).  Second, they cannot transport alcohol.  While this is a hassle for those of us who may or may not have extensive wine and whiskey collections (ahem…) it makes sense to not expose people in various stages of addiction recovery to alcohol.  And not one word of a lie, my husband and I were more than happy to spend half a day schlepping our own booze to our new house so that we could rest easy and know Delancey Street was handling the rest.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop by a Delancey Street lot for your Christmas tree this season!  They have all the most gorgeous trees and their lots do it up right: candy cane striped poles, lots of lights, Christmas music playing, the works.  They also sell fresh wreaths, garlands, and Christmas lights to complete your holiday décor.