Resources for an Organized Move Part 2

So, you’ve decluttered your clothes, shoes, and accessories using my recommended techniques, and successfully sold your higher value furniture on Move Loot.  What about the rest of the stuff you want to get rid of?

Another really great option for getting furniture out of your life is good old-fashioned donation.  There are several nonprofits that run thrifts stores that gladly accept furniture donations, and some even pick up.  I’ve used Out of the Closet in San Francisco with great results, and I love that all proceeds benefit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

I try my very best to minimize the amount of stuff going into the landfill, especially when undertaking a move.  But sometimes, some stuff is just junk.  My husband and I have gone the DIY route before: rending a Uhaul van, loading it up, and dropping it off at Recology in San Francisco.  It’s not the most fun way to spend a day, that’s for sure.  This time, we decided to save time and headaches by calling a junk hauler, especially since there were bulky items involved like an old fridge that had been sitting in our building’s basement for easily 15 years (why?), an enormous carpet ruined by nail polish, and heavy, rusted metal shelving purchased by a previous owner.

To get rid of things that are potentially toxic, such as batteries and paint, check your city’s waste disposal organization.  If you live in San Francisco, Recology will do a one-time pickup of toxic material for free!  We definitely availed ourselves of this service to dump a shocking quantity of paint from prior color schemes.

Of course, coordinating all of these services to conscientiously dispose of your unwanted stuff can take a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, many professional organizers work on moves and I’m one of them, so call me if you need help with your upcoming move!