Weekly Peek

Follow Up

I mentioned in this post that I was testing out Style Lend, the designer clothing rental service.  I have good news to report: both of my dresses have each been rented once, and the process went well both times!  There was some awkwardness in terms of getting the dresses to the renter and/or making sure that she could try them on, which took up more time than it should have and personalized the process perhaps a little too much.  However, Style Lend has now introduced a concierge service, which means that they will store your items and deliver/pick them up for the renters.  I've chosen to use this service, and will report back!  

Highway to the Danger Zone

Last week was Fleet Week in San Francisco, and one of my dear friends always celebrates her birthday with a picnic on Marina Green to watch the Blue Angels air show.  San Franciscans tend to be have strong feelings on the subject of the Blue Angels, especially given the practice time they put in over the city during the week before the weekend shows.  Personally, I'm awed by what they can do and get a bit of a thrill out of the supersonic jets racing over my house (and I do mean over my house, we're right under the return flight path for many of their loops!).  And fortunately, Petunia doesn't really care about all the noise, and enjoyed the opportunity to get lots of attention from new people and take a snooze in the warm sun!

Photo courtesy of www.lillet.com

The Perfect Aperitif

A good friend invited us for a small, casual dinner party last Sunday night and insisted that we shouldn't bring anything with us.  Loath to show up emptyhanded, my husband stopped by D&M, his favorite purveyor of wine and spirits, and bought a couple of bottles of rose and one of Lillet Blanc to offer the party.  You might recognize Lillet from its role in the James Bond inspired Vesper cocktail, but it's also delicious and light by itself over ice - and not too boozy for a Sunday night!


When I started rehabbing my injured shoulder a year and a half ago, my orthopedist prescribed regular physical therapy and massage.  Not such a tough sentence!  My physical therapist hooked me up with Hilary Hedden, a massage therapist who works out of the Moss Acupuncture studio in Presidio Heights.  Hilary is absolutely amazing, and I'm convinced that her work helped my shoulder heal faster than it would have on its own.  I love going to a spa as a special treat, but for true theraputic massage to help prevent or rehab injury, Hilary is the best.