My Best Tip For Moving

We’re moving.  ARGH.

This is a good thing!  We get to stay in SF, in the neighborhood we love, but we’re making the transition from a condo with no outdoor space to an adorable single family home with a postage stamp yard.  We have some renovation plans in motion, and are hoping to make this cozy little house our forever home base.

But still, moving.  ARGH.

My single biggest piece of advice: organize BEFORE you move.  This makes sense on several levels: packing is the worst bit of moving and you’ll have less to pack if you declutter, if you’re paying movers you’ll pay less for them to pack less, and the unpacking process at the end when you’re already tired and drained will be so much less painful if the organizing is already done.  Moving is such an upheaval of your family’s life that getting organized for your move will make the experience so much more comfortable for everyone involved.

We’ve been purging ruthlessly.  The categories that have really seen their ranks decimated have been books and media.  My husband has decided that the era of physical media is over, and the only DVD’s we have kept are my high school and college dance videos and our wedding video, all of which we will likely be ripping and uploading to cloud storage.  We were harsh with our books too: the only volumes that made the cut were books that meant a lot to us or that we still have yet to read.

I’m also embarking on the most thorough purge my closet has seen in years.  If I don’t love it, it’s going.  Perhaps the hardest will be getting rid of a couple of pairs of really very cute designer shoes that hurt a lot – for those of you who know me and my penchant for shoes, you know that the amount of pain that would cause me to avoid a pair of shoes is quite extreme!

Finally, most of our furniture is getting the heave-ho.  When we first moved into this condo five years ago, we were on a tighter budget and had only lived in small apartments, so we accepted all possible hand-me-downs from family and tried to economize when finishing filling up the rooms.  It was a good strategy for the time, and I think we did a pretty good job in making the whole thing coherent, but now we’re ready to decorate more carefully and invest in high quality pieces.

Next week, I’ll share some of my favorite resources for decluttering before a big move!