It's Not Just You

I often find that individuals’ perspectives on their own clutter are couched in terms of shame and regret, as if having a disorganized home is a personal, moral failing. I don’t agree: many of us were never taught how to be organized, and we just muddle through the best we know how, while saving the best of ourselves for the things that we are really passionate about. 

And I can prove to you that you’re not alone: the numbers really show that acquisition of stuff, and the clutter that results, has been a major trend in our culture over the past few decades. Of course statistics are just numbers, and correlation is not causation, but still, I found this group of stats quite illuminating: 21 Surpising Statistics That Reveal How Much We Actually Own.

No wonder it’s so hard to stay organized, when both the amount of space and the amount of stuff that each person is responsible for has ballooned while our strategies for dealing with these increases have hardly evolved!

Again, I don’t necessarily think that everyone should become a minimalist – which is the underlying message on author Joshua Becker’s website – but a careful consideration of your space and the stuff you own, perhaps in partnership with a professional organizer who can help guide your process, can really help simplify your life.