Redefining the Closet

This series is a year old, but given that the start of a year has rolled around again, so timely: Cuyana's Lean Closet Movement

For those who haven't heard of it, Cuyana is a San Francisco based clothing and accessories company whose entire philosophy is "fewer, better things."  They focus on clean, simple design, high quality products, and an affordable price point relative to the design and quality level.

I came across the Lean Closet Movement when it was launched last year, and I love the concept.  When I work with a client on his or her closet, we go through a very similar process to edit pieces, identify gaps in the wardrobe, and organize the entire collection so that it's attractive and functional for its owner.  It might sound extreme at first, but I promise this strategy reaps incredible results: it enables my clients to quickly and easy put together outfits made up entirely of pieces they love and that flatter them.  

And Cuyana's producs?  I purchased the Weekender Bag in Mustard as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law last year, and she has taken it with her everywhere she's gone, from Paris to Honduras.  She loves the design and says it has held up extremely well.  And bonus: you can have accessories monogrammed, which the preppy depths of my soul cannot resist!

Are you ready to join the lean closet movement?