Organizing for Travel Part 1: The Suitcase

I’m in London as I type, accompanying my husband on a work trip before we meet up with my family for Thanksgiving vacation.  We had the chance to “live” here for a few months in 2011 and as a result it’s my favorite city in the world after my beloved San Francisco.  It’s so great to be back revisiting favorite restaurants, catching up with good friends, checking out new exhibits, and indulging in weird things you can somehow only find here (oh cheap grocery store mayonnaise based sandwiches, I love you without shame).

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot, especially over the past couple of years, so I’ve had plenty of time to refine my travel organizing methods.  At the same time I continue to suffer from over-pack-itis – so take my recommendations with a grain of salt!

I’ve realized two things about suitcases: they need to be light, and they need to be easy to maneuver.  I used to swear by soft-sided rolling bags, but technology has advanced.  Now, hard sided luggage is even lighter and more flexible than fabric, and a four-wheeled spinner can be steered with one hand (a life-changing experience as far as I’m concerned). 

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I have and highly recommend the Tumi Vapor series.  These suitcases are not only maneuverable and surprisingly light, they’re also virtually indestructible.  Mine have bumps and bruises, but they’re only superficial – and I am NOT precious when handling my luggage.

See?  Photo taken at the  The Zetter , London, UK

See?  Photo taken at the The Zetter, London, UK

I love that the Vapor suitcases split down the middle, making it easier to access more stuff without creating a disaster area in my hotel room.  In addition, they come with a removable garment bag, which is great for quickly transitioning hanging garments to a closet.  

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I have the International Carry-On, good for anything under a week, and the Medium Trip Packing Case, which I’ve used for 3+ weeks.  I’d discourage anything larger, in fact – I've gotten dangerously close to overweight baggage in the Medium.

No, Tumi isn't the cheap option.  However, if you’re looking for something attractive and functional that will really stand the test of time, check out the Vapor cases.

Stay tuned – more on how I organize for travel are coming soon!


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