Organization Inspiration: Start with the kitchen

I recently came across this great slideshow from Elle Decor: 14 Hyper Organized Kitchens


The kitchen: the center of most homes, and therefore a place with a serious tendency to devolve into chaos!  At the same time, organizing your kitchen in a way that works for you and your family will have an equally serious payoff in your everyday life.

One thing that jumps out at me from this article is the trend of glass front cabinets and open upper cabinet shelving. 

My thoughts?  It can be a beautiful look for the right kind of household.  Keeping a kitchen like this looking organized requires a bit more work since you can’t just shove things into cabinets and close doors (not that I have ever done this…).  At the same time, if you like organization and feel like you need a little shove in that direction, a more open storage system could give you the push you need.

If you’re considering this contemporary look for your kitchen, my advice would be to go open your kitchen cabinets.  Right now!  Don’t move anything!  Would you be happy if every day, your kitchen shelves looked just like this?  If yes, the open shelving style may work for you. 

We recently had our kitchen cabinets repainted, so the doors were off for a few weeks, and I have to admit that having everything open drove me crazy.  My cabinets are pretty organized, but the feeling of STUFF hanging down from the walls got overwhelming, and then of course there’s always that one shelf where you shove all the bottles and cans you rarely use.   I prefer the clean look of closed cabinets – but as you’ll see, I tend toward a pretty traditional esthetic at my house!

That said... the article hits one nail on the head.  In-drawer organization, whether custom as shown in this photo or purchased from a home store, will change your life.