Polished Organizing Package

Polished Organizing Package

from 469.00

The most popular package includes all the services most needed, used, and appreciated by LMW Edits clients in order to make your home organizing project a total success.  I’ll work with you every step of the way to create and maintain a home environment that is specifically tailored to your needs and style.


  • Hands on organizing sessions with LMW each lasting three hours

  • Running to-do list emailed to you after each session

  • Access to the LMW network of trusted service providers

  • Haul away of one carload of donations per session

  • Specific product recommendations selected for your space and aesthetic

  • Approved products ordered on your behalf at retail price

  • Black on white label maker labels applied to desired containers

  • Ability to add on additional desired services at $95/hour

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