What happens during a home organizing project?

If the prospect of hiring a home organizer feels overwhelming to you, you’re not alone, and you’ve also come to exactly the right place! The organizing process is a journey in three parts and I’ll guide you every step of the way. Here's how it works:


1. The Edit

When you begin working with an LMW Edits home organizer, the first step is the most important: the edit.  Only the pieces that truly serve you will have a place in your beautifully organized home.


2. The Strategy

Next, you and your home organizer will analyze your spatial and storage needs, making purchases if necessary.  The home organizer will customize recommendations for your space, budget, and personal style.


3. The STYLE

 Finally, you and your home organizer will place and style each item within your space, creating a home that will enable you to present yourself to the world in the way you’ve always wanted to.  

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When you hire a home organizer from LMW Edits, every project is custom. Here are a few ideas to get you started on home organization!

Curate the Closet

It’s so much more rewarding to get dressed when you love and can easily find everything in your closet.  A professional home organizer can help you edit your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, zeroing in on your aesthetic and highlighting your personal style in a well-organized closet.

Tie the Nook

Moving in with a significant other?  It’s hard enough to combine lives without trying to fit two people’s stuff into a one couple space!  A home organizer from LMW Edits can work with both of you to organize a home that works for each of you separately and the two of you as a couple.

Moving On

Moving is a great time to organize- why bring things you don’t need or want with you?  Home organizers can help you with all aspects of the move, from a pre-move edit session to organization of your curated collection in your new space.


Ready to get started?  

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As LMW Edits is a San Francisco Bay Area professional organizing service, please note that all LMW Edits Professional Organizing Packages are offered to clients within a 1 hour radius of San Francisco.

LMW Edits LLC professional home organizing service treats our work together, from home organization consultation through to finished home organizing project, as completely confidential. No photography of your home will be taken or shared without your express permission. We understand that hiring a home organizer is a very personal experience and respect your privacy.