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The LMW Professional Organizing Philosophy

I believe that an organized home will make your life easier, happier, and much less stressful.

I believe in streamlining, but not necessarily in minimalism.

I believe in a healthy dose of skepticism toward all things that originate on Pinterest.

I believe that organization equals freedom – the time and space to devote yourself to friends, family, and the life experiences that really matter.

I believe in celebrating personal style and a lifelong evolving sense of fashion.

I believe in the importance of the little things: an heirloom ring, the perfect white shirt, a way to store scarves that really works.

I believe that you are worth investing in, and that an organized closet and home are personal investments worth making.

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As LMW Edits is a San Francisco Bay Area professional organizing service, please note that all LMW Edits Professional Organizing Packages are offered to clients within a 1 hour radius of San Francisco.