Every project is custom, but here are a few ideas to inspire your own organization!

Curate the Closet

It’s so much more rewarding to get dressed when you love and can easily find everything in your closet.  I’ll help you edit your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, zeroing in on your aesthetic and highlighting your personal style in a well-organized closet.

Tie the Nook

Moving in with a significant other?  It’s hard enough to combine lives without trying to fit two people’s stuff into a one couple space!  I’ll work with both of you to organize a home that works for each of you separately and the two of you as a couple.

Moving On

Moving is a great time to organize- why bring things you don’t need or want with you?  I can help you with all aspects of the move, from a pre-move edit session to organization of your curated collection in your new space.


Ready to get started?  Schedule your complimentary From Overwhelmed to Organized Breakthrough Session phone call with me today!

Start with a complimentary consultation!

The first step is simple: schedule your complimentary From Overwhelmed to Organized Breakthrough Session with me over the phone.  We'll analyze the current state of your home, describe your vision of your ideal home environment, and strategize how to create the beautifully organized home you've always wanted.  


1. The Edit

When we begin working together, the first step is the most important: the edit.  Only the pieces that truly serve you will have a place in your beautifully organized home.


2. The Strategy

Next, we’ll analyze your spatial and storage needs, making purchases if necessary.  I’ll make recommendations that are customized for your space, budget, and personal style.


3. The Organization

 Finally, we’ll organize your space, creating a home that will enable you to present yourself to the world in the way you’ve always wanted to.  

The hallmark of LMW Edits is personal, high touch service.  I'll work with you every step of the way to edit, curate, and organize your space.  The end result?  A beautiful, peaceful home environment that leaves you free to live more mindfully and spend your precious time with the people you love.

All home organizing packages include:

  • 3-hour sessions of hands on home organizing, project management, and personal shopping
  • Access to my network of trusted service providers
  • Items purchased on your behalf at retail price, and any available industry discounts passed through to you

BONUS: With purchase of a package, you'll also receive:

  • Haul away of one carload of donations per session to your charity of choice
  • Product recommendations specifically selected for your style and space
  • Coordination of consignments on your behalf


Packages are available in 4, 8, and 12 session sizes.  Schedule your complimentary From Overwhelmed to Organized Breakthrough Session over the phone with me today and I'll recommend the package that's right for your project!

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment for packages is due before sessions can be scheduled and all sales are final.  

  • LMW Edits accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards.  Payment plans are available on request.  

  • Organizing sessions canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment start time will be deducted in full from the remaining package sessions.

Confidentiality Statement

  • I respect the privacy of all clients and treat our work together, from consultation through to finished project, as completely confidential.

  • No photography of your home will be taken or shared without your express permission.